2-22-2020 Corpus Cristi TX

SO with a new year, we are starting more pictures. I created an RV Pictures album so you can see all the pictures we take at https://photos.app.goo.gl/8GddeSGiE6ixkPwZ6

If problems with the link – let me know.

Andy Kitchen Restaurant

We have been enjoying the area food establishments as well as the weather – when the wind is down. One was Andy’s restaurant for breakfast. Good old fashion cooking and trains. The boxcars advertise for local merchants.

Twin Peaks Restaurant – Corpus Cristi, TX

Another great place was Twin Peaks Restaurant, a sports bar, with a great atmosphere and food out of this world. The barbecue was fantastic. I never saw shorts so short in my life. The waitresses were great and we had a good time.

The winds have been unusually high periodically here and the locals say this is unusual. So much for global warming. The palms are swaying a lot. But we are surrounded by water on three sides and the view is unforgettable.

Bay with the pelicans.

We plan to move to Livingston, TX in a week for appointments and then head East. Hope to see you all in a little while.

2-2-2020 Happy Ground Hog’s Day!

Another successful move to NAS Corpus Christi, TX. Weather is in the 70s, clear skies, and calm seas. In other words, it is beautiful here.

Corpus Christi Bay we see from RV window
Friendly Pelicans
Close up of dock

We went to breakfast at Andy’s Kitchen in Corpus Christ, TX (https://www.andyskitchen.com/ ). It was an excellent place with great food and superior service! They had a very inventive train set running at the top of the restaurant. We strongly recommend them to anyone visiting the area.

Andy’s Kitchen (see the trains?)

We plan to be here a month so we hope to have more later. Wish you all were here.

1-23-2020 A Day at the Lake

Lake Casa Blanca (translated to Lake White House) in Texas is large and very beautiful.

:ake Casa Blanca
Lake and the area where our RV is located

It has camping, fishing, trails, and more. The weather has been in the mid to the high 70s unless raining. We rode our bikes around to the mission on the lake – a bit run down and fascinating.

It was a good day for the ride and site seeing.

1-20-2020 Laredo, TX

We continue to stay in the warmer weather. Laredo has been in 60 to 70s, with light winds and beautiful skies. We went to the lake here at the park and walked the beach a little.

Then we saw the Palm trees too.

It is quiet and warm. Very close to Mexico. Se hebla? Or do you speak Spanish? Loredo has a line down the middle called the Rio Grande River, On one side is the USA and the other is Mexico. Lots to see an do here too;

1-13-2020 Yes we are in the dark!

Another cloudy day so we decided to go to Sonora TX to see the Senora Cave. The trip was so exciting and the landscape was flat. Like living in a Zane Gray novel.

The cave was really dark and very humid and hot. we went down 155 feet and a mile and a half long. They had 350 steps to walk down and up. They also had animals in the area and an RV park. Maybe next time we can stay here. The sites were beautiful.

We had a lot of fun, a 2 hour tour of the cave and sites.

1-11-2020 Heading to Del Rio TX

After the severe weather last night, we survived with no damage, so we headed out for Del Rio, TX. It was a short ride with lots of cactus and shrubbery.

Heading to Del Rio TX
Del Rio Park TX with a lot of cats!!!

The RV Park in Del Rio TX, was better then we thought ad they have a lit of cats – feral cats everywhere. They are so cute. There is about 10 and probably more there then we have seen. So the fun begins.

1/7/2020 Bikes

Since the weather is so warm we have been able to ride the Aerial Electric Bikes a little. It helps my arthritis and provides an assist if I need it. Berny is much better on them then I am but we can ride around the park since it is so large and get a good run in.