Status Update

Dark Lightning and Rain Cloud Clip Art - Dark Lightning and Rain
Rain rain go away!

Now totally homeless! Moved in 99.9% of stuff into RV between rain, cold, wind, etc. We have not had such low temperature before in May like this and even the cats are very cold. Need sun and good weather but it is looking very very likely we will see this all the way to Winnebago. More to come.

Busy Busy

Been busy clearing house, eBay some, Goodwill some, Family some, and donations as much as possible. Its been hard choices and lots of discussions. The hardest part was deciding what to keep, store, take, what to give away, and what to trash. But we are at the end point and should be done soon and ready to roll. Looking forward to traveling and seeing things again now that I can enjoy it more.

I hope to post at least once a week and more as things get interesting. We tested video camera, drone, and other things so we can share our adventures.