In Missouri!

Left Sharon and Duane’s house so full could barely move but had a lot of fun. Saw a lot of the nieces and nephews and family I have not seen in 12 years. They have kids of their own that are almost grown or are grown too. Thanks to all you folks we got a lot of rest we really needed.

When we left Iowa, we had good weather and in the 70s.. It was a nice drive finally and temperature was about 90 in Missouri when we got here! What a change. Thunderstorms last night so no it has not stopped yet.

At the Heinen Clan

Stopped over to visit family – Duane and Sharon and the rest came to see us. Duane and Sharon took us to the Grotto in West Bend – a lovely place to see and they have an RV park next to it. Here is the website if anyone would like more info. It is free for things to walk around and see some wonderful artwork and for you geology buffs all kinds of rocks, fossils, and more from around the world. Worth seeing.

Had a wonderful lunch at a local restaurant and then went and visit nephews I have not seen for 12 years. Later more family from Omaha showed up – Jerry and Anne and we had fun talking about old times and future plans. Finally – a good day over all.

Winnebago Day! and More

Well, it is in being worked. We hope it will be done by the end of the day but not holding hope. The weather has cleared, of course, because we are not driving but the wind is still blowing. OK sat in the waiting room with 3 cats for the 8 hrs but it was worth it! They fixed the water tank, generator, and other things we did not even ask about. The cent cover we lost was the only thing we paid for at the store.

After we left we found dinner and started to family in Iowa. OK, I am directionally challenged at times and cannot see the small signs well. We buzzed past the turn-off but was able to get back to the right place. Then I could not find the farm! We looked up the address and was at the end of the lane when we saw the folks.

So tired and happy to stop- we will be spending a few days on the farm. Thanks, Sharon and Duane.

Day 6 – OK made it! Rain and Wind!

Got on the waiting list but will not get it done till tomorrow – maybe! S0, we got into a slot by service – no water but power. Ok, that did not work – no power. OK, we will start the generator. Pouring rain – Berny went out to start the generator – – it also will not start. OK, whoever got the voodoo doll please pull all the pins! SO start looking for a place with power and water (if they have it). Fond one in the area – went hoping to find a spot. That wonderful wonderful person at Three Finger Campground had one left. SO we got power and water so we could rest the night.

Not happening – the wind (over 40 mpg) and heavy rain had the RV shaking and moving to the point – I got seasick. Woke up to wind an rain as well. If the weather would cooperate – things would be better. Oh well

Day 5 – Almost there!!

Weather was windy and we were bombarded with oak wingdings all night and until we left. Decided to skip Amana IA for Waterloo IA as it was closer. We should have 2 hrs tomorrow. Left end of sewer hose at last site and did not discover it until we got to new one. Opps, had to get a new one.

We are so tired and want to sleep but are trying to stay awake. So tomorrow another adventure.

Day 4 Rain Again

Really Heavy Rain

Wake up dry, get ready to leave, it rains. Torrential and unrelenting rain. Made it through that all and finally found the campground. Site is wet and muddy but fine. One consistent problem we found is the signs. There is little to no signs to some of the places we have been. GPS is fun because the battery dies as you need it for the last turn by turn because there are no signs or little signs for the sites. We have driven past every site so far and had to turn around and find it again. Berny said we need an Indian guide to assist us as we lost most of the time in some back flooded woods. Also, he says that as soon as we are off the highway, the big lost sign appears in lights above us and people laugh.

Stopped to make dinner – cannot figure out the stove so gave up before blowing ourselves up. Got out the insta pot and had dinner. Read the book!

Oh more adventures tomorrow.

Day 3 – It continues -Good and Bad

Well we finally figured out the hot water. When winterized they shut a value off -we thought we found it before. But no, the one we needed to turn was under the stove – so we took it apart and turned the knob. Eureka – Hot Water! Ok one problem fixed. Rest of day calmed until we were almost to the lunch stop and then the WIFI boost Antenna wire ripped off and was whipping around and took off the 360 vent siphen. Trying to find a new one – not today. Maybe by Monday. Finally, the weather is an issue now too. It appears there may be severe weather between us and Iowa – we will see.

Not again – no hot water now!

Ok, one more thing – last night no hot water and we cannot get that to work now. A cloudy day so I do not fry in the sun. We zoomed past the next stop which we have dubbed- the haunted park because we are the only ones here. Ok, at least they have hot water. You can hear the mournful howl of the train as it passes. The low arises as we found they have hot showers and the hallelujah chorus rejoices. We finally take a full shower without freezing to death – memories of Korea and Great Lakes came to mind. Ok tired so more later.

On the way – Finally!!!!!

It’s been a long week. Some say the hardest part going full time is clearing the house and/or storing things. I think the last week is worse, you can only do so much in a day and nothing goes right. Last minute expenses to consider:

Need more propane as its cold outside now

The reuse it or second-hand shop or other places won’t take donations now what? We called 1-800 junk who came the next day and saved us again.

This led to how we get cats to get the vet as the truck was in the shop. Dave (my brother-in-law) rescued us here and did our last minute running with us. He gets the helper of the year award from us.

Up at 330 and trying to get Bike rack up with the bikes on it. Rack went great. Bikes another issue. The bikes have baskets that get in the way but we worked the puzzle and got it. If someone steals them – they deserve it as I am not looking forward to taking them off.

So we finally get to Somerset in about 5 hours – just went slow. Got into site – and things worked. Weather is great! If everyday travel is like this- we are good.

Some say the hardest part of going RVing full time is clearing the house. We think it is the last week before you leave. Panic sets in as you see whats left and you are trying to finish other things on the RV but not enough hours in a day. Then each day feels like three has gone by and one felt like three months. The weather has not helped either.

So prepare yourself for the unexpected often. We are tired but making it. Bed early tonight if hot water works. Yea one more thing!

Shot some video and stills I can attach

RV at Hickory Run

OK, it never fails

Right now, we are not too lucky – I cannot believe the donation center fused the furniture and things we had as they were still in good shape! We give up- called 1-800-junk again to take the stuff. They can come tomorrow so we can still leave Thursday. We are tired and just want to hit the road but everything seems to delay us at times. Oh well, no rush.