6-26-2020 Closing States Hamper Travel

Need fun too.

As a full-time RVer, it is hard to plan any travel at this time of Covid 19. States are closing opportunities to come to visit and others are quarantining you for 2 weeks at a time. If most people would use common sense and respect others by giving them the distance, not throwing trash around, and respecting property this would clear up much faster and make life better for everyone – even RVers.

So we are on the road and currently in Missouri. We are trying to head North for Iowa and wait to see if Pennsylvania opens so we can go family. If it does not open, we will head back to Texas were we are guaranteed a spot to hold up again. We are isolated in the RV and if we have to go somewhere, we are cautious and have masks and other things as needed to make sure we do not get sick or make others sick. That folks, is being responsible.

With the limited travel so far, I see RV and state parks suffering because of lack of people. Most people who are out, are doing great and being responsible. Others are being totally inappropriate by leaving trash and messes where ever they land. It is said to see our country come to this state. People throwing things away so others suffer, tearing out history one piece at a time, destroying property that is not theirs, and leaving our nation looking foolish and incapable to handle our own issues. I just hope we wise up soon or we may lose it all.

I hope we can get to the end of the trip as we planned it with no issues. As with most RVers, we have enough problems with the rig itself at times. Stay safe for all you travelers. Family, hope to see you soon.

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