6-1-2020 Life in Quarantine in an RV

Life in quarantine in an RV is really interesting. We are really away from folks and probably are the best example for others. We got lucky as we were in an Escapees park when quarantine occurred and got stay until we could leave.

Shopping is another story. The masses that were stockpiling make it hard for RVers because we are limited on space and some type of items (like toilet paper for RV use – it is made for out septic tanks so they do not clog). We hard to watch as we shipped as we cannot store a lot but saw things running out which could be a problem. We were lucky, as we were able to find most things or did without. We even tried to help our older RVers buy getting things for them if we could. AMazon was a choice but the delivery time slowed a lot.

Surprising, the cat food was the hardest to find, If you have picky eaters, and we do, it can get interesting fast. If you order on line, they were out or it took forever to get here. And like everywhere else the price went up dramatically.

We watched gas fall with hopes we would get moving soon as it was great. Now that we can move, the prices are rising again – what gives?

So while stuck, I got my surgery done, after two delays due to closures, So after the last checkup – we re hitting the road again. Idf we have to do this again, the RV is a good place.

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