12/30/19 Remember the Alamo!

Alamo Dec 20 2019

Went to see the Alamo finally! We did forget school was out so many children were there so we cut the visit short. We did a little walking in the Riverwalk mall and walked a lot around the area.

We arrived yesterday into San Antonio, and like the area so much we decided to stay another week. The cactus and palm trees are amazing. Also the ducks and geese in the lake.

Braunig RV park in San Antonio TX/

12/21/19 Happy Winter Solstice!

Happy Winter Solstice or annual running of Penny’s family for brunch at El and Daves. We will miss this year gathering but are thinking of all of them as we suffer from 60-degree weather and getting warmer.

Love the music

Just cleaning and getting ready for daughter’s visit from lovely Chicago – she should like the warmer weather. Also, planning where to go next and finding places to visit and stay for the rest of the winter.

Did discover I can sub here so maybe next winter I can do that for a while to keep me busy. Berny could workcamp here at the site and give us free rent and utilities. We will see.

12-2-19 Winter in Texas

It’s chilly, 60 degrees so might need a coat! It has been cold as low as 29 in Waco and Livingston but that lasts a whole hour. We may never survive. I even heard rumors there was snow in Livingston when we were in Waco, but, we saw nothing.

Lake Livingston, TX

We went to Lake Livingston this weekend to look around. They have campsites too. We may stay there some time as it is gorgeous.

Lake Livingston TX Map

We started to decorate the RV for Christmas. Working with the Grinch can be fun too. He gets into it a bit as well. The cats love to knock the decorations around and had to put light up things away when we go out.