11/23/19 And we thought PA drivers were bad

Ok, as we drive around to the doctors and stores we found a new experience. Most roads in Texas are 55 to 75 (with most 60 to 75) mph even if there are lights or cross traffic! It is not unusual to see a driver make a dash across the road to get to other side even at those speeds! It is so weird!

Doc update: we are set for the surgery on Dec 12 and things are looking up. We should be here till the end of Dec or the middle of Jan. But at least things will be done. Probably, spend the rest of winter in Southern Texas by the Gulf or near San Antonio where it is warmer. The weather here got cold once but since it has been in 60 to 80s for highs and low 40 to 50s for lows. Not too bad.

Hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving and start to Christmas.

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