11/16/2019 Rig Shakeout

Well, we travel to avoid cold weather and it seems to follow. We are in Waco, TX and te los=ws have been in the 20 and 30s and the highs in the 30 to 60s. At least we got to test the rig real well in the cold. It took one cold night for us to figure out the heat system. A walk through at a dealer is not enough to show you everything and the manuals can be worse as they have little to no information.

We found we had a heat pump (good if cold 40 and above) and a gas heater. The gas heater is mainly for the bedroom with one vent int he main living are under the fireplace. The fireplace is like a ceramic heater so it helps a lot too in the main living area.

Rearranged the cabinets again (6th time) so things are accessible and easily fit. Still, I haven’t been able to fill the large refrig. Pantry is great too. Tested the washer and dryer – works great. Cannot run both at the same time as they are on same circuit.

Water has been out big issues. We have a leak int he refrig, FOund the filter was not incorrectly. A leak in the water bay which may be the filter or another cause but been too cold to check yet.

SO we leave Waco Monday for Livingston and more doc appointments.

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