10-27-19 Roads!

A wild ride with the leftover tropical weather, Rain and warm to dry and cool. The roads are a RVers worse enemy and GPS is right up there with it. More traffic works and detours down small center city roads that are just unreal. We really need a good GPS that considers the size, length, and weight of the RV at all times, not just on initial planning. Construction zones and detours need to be considered using the same criteria. A lot of times we fear we will find a low bridge, tunnel, or a road we cannot be too safe on.

Roads need to be classified as federal and state highway (with number of lanes), country road (with a good edge buffer for pulling over if needed) or a country road with no buffer available(more then 4 inches), dirt road with width, gravel road with width, and categorize the roads. Example: 1 is excellent shape, 2 a bit worn and bumpy, 3 under construction or needs a lot of work, 4 – not a road to be on in an RV or large truck!

I low it is not easy to work these issues. But with satellite and computers and all those traffic cameras, something could be dome. Someone could make a mint for a really good GPS for RVers!

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