10/23/2019 Spring Hill RV Park

We arrived with clouds leaving the rain to Spring Hill RV Park in NC and found it next to a Baptist Church a large graveyard near the road entrance. So we figured that RVers that did not leave ended up there. Yep, another large retirement park with few spaces for transits like us. Weather in the 70s and much warmer than where we came from.

Visiting the North Carolina Relatives a couple of days and a retired friend (MGen Johnson and Wife Liz). The old boss and Liz are excellent hosts and their retirement house on Lake Gaston is out of this world (I am jealous). They are grandparents and have a lot of fun with the kids.

The powers family is alive and well. Norma and John’s kids are adulting now and have children of their own and they are all cute. And we found out another one is on the way in May of next year. Another may be moving to South Carolina with a job promotion. We know Grandmom and Grandpop will miss them a lot too.

We leave to Texas tomorrow for Berny’s surgery so wish us well.

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