10-27-19 Roads!

A wild ride with the leftover tropical weather, Rain and warm to dry and cool. The roads are a RVers worse enemy and GPS is right up there with it. More traffic works and detours down small center city roads that are just unreal. We really need a good GPS that considers the size, length, and weight of the RV at all times, not just on initial planning. Construction zones and detours need to be considered using the same criteria. A lot of times we fear we will find a low bridge, tunnel, or a road we cannot be too safe on.

Roads need to be classified as federal and state highway (with number of lanes), country road (with a good edge buffer for pulling over if needed) or a country road with no buffer available(more then 4 inches), dirt road with width, gravel road with width, and categorize the roads. Example: 1 is excellent shape, 2 a bit worn and bumpy, 3 under construction or needs a lot of work, 4 – not a road to be on in an RV or large truck!

I low it is not easy to work these issues. But with satellite and computers and all those traffic cameras, something could be dome. Someone could make a mint for a really good GPS for RVers!

10-25-19 Back to Texas Again!

After a brief visit in North Carolina with friends and family, we are off to Texas again for doctor’s appointments and to set up winter plans. We stayed at a lovely place in South Carolina last night and we noticed the glowing skeleton sitting on a bench as we left. Unfortunately, I could not get a picture fast enough.

Drive was ok except for traffic around big cities and the rain starting in Alabama. There were few to no rest stops on I85 till we got to Alabama. The few places we tried to stop were full and or had no place for an RV to park. So on we went.

Stopped at the Safe Harbor RV Park and Marina in Alabama. Close to road so noisy and they had so much rain we cannot use the sewer or water connections as they are flooded.

Tomorrow is another day so hope the weather is better.

10/23/2019 Spring Hill RV Park

We arrived with clouds leaving the rain to Spring Hill RV Park in NC and found it next to a Baptist Church a large graveyard near the road entrance. So we figured that RVers that did not leave ended up there. Yep, another large retirement park with few spaces for transits like us. Weather in the 70s and much warmer than where we came from.

Visiting the North Carolina Relatives a couple of days and a retired friend (MGen Johnson and Wife Liz). The old boss and Liz are excellent hosts and their retirement house on Lake Gaston is out of this world (I am jealous). They are grandparents and have a lot of fun with the kids.

The powers family is alive and well. Norma and John’s kids are adulting now and have children of their own and they are all cute. And we found out another one is on the way in May of next year. Another may be moving to South Carolina with a job promotion. We know Grandmom and Grandpop will miss them a lot too.

We leave to Texas tomorrow for Berny’s surgery so wish us well.

10-1-2019 in PA

So the roads are the same in PA bumby as hell even though they are working on repairs. The weather is hot but turning cold soon. The park is really big and we are in the back on top of a hill (interesting). SIte people are nice and friendly and very helpful.

We have a few things to do before moving on like family, friends, doctors, and shopping. So we may be quiet for a while.