9-21-19 Texas

Camping is way more fun!

Busy day with us moving from Arkansas to Lousina to just inside Texas today! Much better roads and no little death roads to navigate. Saw a dead alligator (looked like a truck got it) and some small ponds, lakes, and the Arkansas River.

Arkansas is a pretty state with lots and lots of trees. Lousiana is very nice as well but has well-mowed highways. Texas was good to see again as we are near to the end. We were slow roasted going down the highway today. The heat and humidity in these states are high on both counts and the poor air conditioner has a hard time keeping up. On the plus side, the laundry dries in an hour or so. It makes it easy to clean up. St. James has been a good recuperative remedy when we stop.

We hope to get in early tomorrow before the heat is too much and get things set up for Monday. We will be leaving Tuesday morning to head to Pennsylvania to see family again.

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