9/20/19 Old people are hard to keep up with!

Family in Branson, MO at Table Rock Dam Visitor Center 2019

So we left today for Texas to get the car registration done after spending a few days with family members who are much older than us. OK – they wore us completely out each day and we are still tired! We are now drinking our restorative drink from St. James! But had bunches of fun!

Route 7 in AR – another scary road!

Arkansas is interesting and we hate GPS. We preview our route with Rand and it looked like all highway till the end which is what we wanted. When it was loaded to the Rand GPS system, it totally selected a different route and took us the scenic one-lane backwoods way. I thought we would die! The view was spectacular but the drive was too windy and hilly for my liking. The Google GPS was right and had us on a highway the entire trip but we followed the Rand system. We will check both closely before taking off and hope the Rand does not lead us astray again as it took an hour longer to get here.

We are in Golph Gorge Hot Spings National Park in Arkansas. Nice park with hook-ups and many slots. Had Pizza from the Grateful Head Pizza and Beer Garden! Great pizza.

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