9-13-19 It’s Friday the 13h

So last night was interesting. We went to bed, and I was reading when I heard a loud BANG about 9 PM! So we got up and went to look – I thought something exploded or crashed. A new RV coming into the park hit a parked truck. Now the truck was a bit too close to the road and maybe in it a little. Most people have more sense than to park that close to the road. So excitement does come to the park. The guy pulling in had a large rig and was trying to make a tight turn into his spot when this all happened. The truck had the side damaged and the RV person made sure to get them up to talk with them about the accident. Coming in late and in the dark can be very dangerous, especially when parks have close spots.

We are in Branson, MO and it has lots to do, Met up with family and had a little fun.

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