9-9-19 It usually is raining!

When things go bad in RV life the weather can also be bad and usually is for us. We started off fine in the rain and storms and it started to clear up. Then we remembered we did not take the tow pin out of the tow dolly and we were told not to tow a car with the pin in. SO we started to look for a large place to stop to fix the problem.

The rain started and then thunderstorms and more rain and no place to stop in sight. It was a good hour before we found a gas station stop to fix the tow. The car was barely holding on by the emergency supports so we were really lucky we did not lise it on the road. It took some effort in the rain with a little cover from the gas station to get the car untangled and off the dolly, check things over, and clean up. Then we had to reload the car again.

Of course, the rain stopped when we were done and on our way. So lesson learned, check everything twice or more and always ask each other before driving off. So we arrived in Missouri a little wet and a lot learned.

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