7-31-19 Catastrphie(Unicorn) now has Soul

New KIA Soul
Our 2020 Kia Soul for the rig.

It took a few hours as we had to fit parts for the tow dolly and the Soul but we finally got a car for the little running around the bikes cannot help us complete in our journey. It can be used for storage too but it is small and efficient. So we are now about 40 feet long and it drives well according to the main driver. The folks at Billions Kia bent over backwards to help us a lot too.

The great folks at Billions KIA in Missoula MT did a great job helping us pull this together. They are absolutely fantastic and can help with a lot if looking for a car to tow with a rig. They helped us get the right dolly and tow package for what we needed. Prices are great too!

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