7-9-19 West Glacier Roaming

Wifi not the best but works most time. Got TV again! I am happy to watch things at night, especially news. Bikes work great but we both agree need new seats on the bikes before our butts hurt too much.

Bikes toward the park and found the Great Northern Hotel and the cafe in the railroad car. We had coffee and breakfast there- good homemade food. Pleasant people too. Went to Discovery Center across the street and learned more about the area.

Had dinner at Discovery Center – great Mexican food and drinks. Rode a little at night but tried to stay out of traffic.

AS soon as I can get a good Wifi – I will upload pictures and video to google drive.

7-6-19 Warmer Weather???

It looks like things are warming up to the 60s or 70s this week here.  We are planning to move to West Glacier and see the other side of the mountains.  We plan to stay a few days or longer if we find things to do there.  The electric bikes work great and there are more trials there to try the bikes with and enjoy the area.  It is also the more touristy type of place.  We may head to Apgar (a state park) to stay for a little more peace and quiet.  We will try to get one last dinner in before leaving East Glacier Park. 

7-3-19 Saw Bear Today!

Rented a car and we went to Two Medicine campsite today to check out RV camping.  Yea, we finally got into Glacier Park- got our life passes and went to look around.  Great views and wonderful sites.  Looks like it will be fun, and we may try a day or so.  Then we started off to St Mary’s site.  The route 49 was very curvy with sheer drop offs if you missed.  I got a bit sick on the road, but Berny did great driving.  I held the camera with my sys shut so I hope the pictures are ok.  Just before the crossroads of route 49 and route 89, we saw a little bear in the woods to the right.  Little bear was to small and quick to get a picture of it.  We finally got to St Mary’s on another curvy road.  Took pictures on the way too.

Once at the site 0 we walked into Glacier Park, again.  It is spectacular on the view (see the pictures and movies).  The ranger station had a bit of history to see and read.   Had lunch in the local restaurant and then headed back – not on the windy road!   We could get the RV up to St Mary’s but would have to take route 89 in.  May try that another year.  Made it home and was exhausted.  Did not do much but it was fun.

6-29-19 Invasion of the Ditch Master

Settled in and relaxing in East Glacier Park and the town has changed a little.  The people are working on cleaning up the park we are at mowing, weed whacking, and getting the trash out.  First the water went out – a pipe broke in the cabins and they had to shut the water off to fix it.  That took most of the day before.  Today, we moved the rig so the mower could get the site better and they were going to work on the electric poles. So we went on the generator most of the afternoon.  Finally, we moved back as we wanted to eat.

Later – the maintenance person came and he and Berny talked.  Berny came back and said we were moving to the other side as they electrician told them they had to rip up all the wiring and conduit to fix things.  So we moved into the trees on the other side and set up again.  Watching that guy with the Ditch Digger was entertaining enough.  We were not sure if he was going to get ate by the thing, hit a power cable so we could practice CPR, or just kill something.  But he worked till it got dark.  This morning the ditches are dug, wires are pulled, and the old box moved. 

The entertainment continues.  We have little internet so blogging is hard an upload of pics impossible till later.