7-17-19 Wifi Cat-astrophe Reborn to UnicornOne

We figured out our Wifi problem with the help of an ATT representative in Missoula, MT. He helped us figure out that a home Mobile Hotspot would work best (but only works when not moving). Side benefit – if we can find an old wall phone (we gave away 4) we can even use it for a phone and voice mail, as well as a hot spot. We can also plug the computer in for video calls.- cool. SO we decided to call the ATT Wifi – UnicornOne. We have 2 hot spots so we can stay connected, especially when stopped. Cat-astrophe works when moving or still – the ATT works when still mainly.

Missoula KOA with bunnies!

We left Montana after about a month of roaming around. We were sorry to see it go and loved it – a bit expensive but very nice. Oh, we ordered a car there too- a 2020 Kia Soul to tow around and use – as it was cheaper than renting all the time.

Only had an hour in Idaho then you are in Washington. We stopped at Spokane for a few days so more to come.

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