7-29-19 Buffalo Casino OR to Butte MT

Montana Rocks – uplifted

From Oregon to Montana was interesting with lots of geology. I like the uplifted rock structures, buttes, and more. The Snake River met us at most turns in the road.

Very Shiney rocks- looks like mica.

As we got closer to Butte MT we saw clouds moving in. It appeared one cloud group was watching us. It had eyes and a nose and seemed to follow us. You judge.


7-27-19 Baker City OR to Boise ID

Mountains and Flat – also very dry in Oregon

The drive was interesting to Idaho – some areas green but most were brown due to lack of rain. Saw little of the wold life in all areas.

Snake River is seen in Oregon and Idaho and will be the entire route.

The rivers and water areas in both states are beautiful and most have little islands throughout. Idaho was busy and RV parks in the cities require reservations and are parked very close. But people have been great and very friendly.

7-26-19 Baker City, OR

Road to Baker OR

What a nice park we landed at this time. It is quiet and shady and the people are very friendly. Nice stop before the long drives the next two days. On our way to Missoula, MT to see about a car and a tow package.

Weather has been fair to hot and we are surviving both. Glad air is fixed today as it is near 90 again. The LaPage COE site we left has become one of our favorites because we can get on the water with power and water and it is very reasonable. The area is beautiful and easy to enjoy.

Leaving LePage OR and on road to Baker OR

7-20-19 Penny has hit all 50 States!

Finally, made it Oregon, so now I have been in all 50 states at least once! Check that off the bucket list. Staying at a National Park- LaPage Park and it has the Columbia River through it- we got to stay on the water.

Our RV in the park by the river!

the last RV park in Spokane WA was outstanding but this is too. You cannot beat the drive and pictures will be uploaded as soon as Wifi is better.

LaPage Park OR

7-17-19 Wifi Cat-astrophe Reborn to UnicornOne

We figured out our Wifi problem with the help of an ATT representative in Missoula, MT. He helped us figure out that a home Mobile Hotspot would work best (but only works when not moving). Side benefit – if we can find an old wall phone (we gave away 4) we can even use it for a phone and voice mail, as well as a hot spot. We can also plug the computer in for video calls.- cool. SO we decided to call the ATT Wifi – UnicornOne. We have 2 hot spots so we can stay connected, especially when stopped. Cat-astrophe works when moving or still – the ATT works when still mainly.

Missoula KOA with bunnies!

We left Montana after about a month of roaming around. We were sorry to see it go and loved it – a bit expensive but very nice. Oh, we ordered a car there too- a 2020 Kia Soul to tow around and use – as it was cheaper than renting all the time.

Only had an hour in Idaho then you are in Washington. We stopped at Spokane for a few days so more to come.

7-12-19 West Glacier RV Park

This only opened Jul 1 2019, but it is a great place. Cost is comparative to the area and very close to the West Glacier Park entrance. You can walk, bike, or drive in. There is West Glacier Village as you come into the area with many stores, restaurants, bank, and activities. There are cabins and motels in the area as well. The park has full hookups, laundry, camp store, bathrooms, showers, and more. Lots for RVs are 60 and 80 foot. Trees in the park are small but should be great shade in 5 years. The park sites in a small area like a valley with trees and mountains surrounding it. You can walk to West Glacier from the park and enjoy the activities. The staff are wonderful and help all they can. This is a must stop area.

Park View

Mountains are beautiful

7-10-19 West Glacier Park and Village

We rode out for breakfast today at the Great Northern Cafe and then continued on to the Glacier Park and Glacier Park RV and Glacier Park Village. t has a lot to do so we plan to stay three days before heading to Idaho and Washington. The village looks very touristy but we want to ride in the park (Bear Spray in hand) so we can see more of the park. The bike trails are good to use for me.

Messed up the reservations so we had to move a day earlier. The new park is great and food Wifi so new pictures are uploaded from last week or so. Enjoy!