Jun 18, 2019 Once More at Winnebago

Interesting to wait at the service center with all the people. Most have diesel pushers in for service or repair. There were three smaller units besides ours. We even saw another Intent! Some had kids and they were cute and interested in the cats a lot. They were missing their pets. We have seen a lot of RVs and Berny is looking at a different one with a little more room (ours is 30 ft and he is looking at 34 to 38 ft). The bigger ones seem nicer with better furniture, washer, dryer, large refrig, convection microwave, and you can get induction cooktop as well. Comes with couch and lounge chairs so more room for others. We will see how things go in this thing first.

Weather is rain with more rain and storms forecasted. Here we go again. After Winnebago, we will head back to Sharon and Duane’s to pick up the mail (if it is there).then head for glacier park. We hope to site see on the way and stop for 2 to 3 weeks in Glacier Park.

We will be at Winnebago one more night as they have one thing to complete tomorrow but air is fixed! So back to the parkS and to make dinner and get a long shower. We decided after the Winnebago stop, to go to Mason City and shop at Walmart and Target and then go to the in-laws. My phone is worn and we are looking at new ones. We will see what is out there. Berny needs new bike pedals for his bike and I need things from the grocery store.

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