Livingston, Texas

Train in Livingston, Texas Center City

We said goodbye to Livingston yesterday. The spirit moved us (little wifi or TV in the area even with the booster) and we were off again. Really, it was the heat. A good 99 degrees or higher is way too hot for us.

On our way to Winnebago again, We arrived at Tyler, TX four hours later and it is still hot! But at least we have a good wifi connection. Cats were about to melt too. We really need the air fixed in the cab part.

We are well and getting organized still but have a good routine down. Mainly trying to stay cool. Berny does a lot of the outside stuff as the heat bothers him less. But the sand is annoying as no matter what you do – it sticks to everything.

At Livingston, TX

So onward we go.

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