Jun 26, 2019 – Aliens

Woke up in iwith the sight of aliens on an RV.

Aliens in RV in Billings

Funny they were from Alaska and not the Southwest.

The trip out of Billings was exciting. It was a real cliff climb and hanger – I could not watch as we climbed the butt and finally leveled off.

Some of the houses on the hills were really cool.

Jun 24, 2019 Heading to Billings MT

We had a great drive up and down the mountains going to Billings, MT. Could see snow on the mountain tops!

Snow on Mountain tops

Lots and lots of deer – herds ran from two to fifteen or more. We were watching to make sure none ran in front of us but they all looked content.

Billings is a bug city in Montana. Lots of trains and industry it appears. The hills are carved out by wind and rain and look great! Hard to describe.

On Wed we are off toward Glacier Park and should arrive on Thursday. It should be fun.

Jun 23 2019 SD to WY

We took a day off and got some things done. Haircuts, shopping, and more. Had time to sightsee a little too. Then off we go. The scenery is hard to describe but a sight to see. I will get the pictures up on google drive that I shared so you can see them. If you ever get a chance you should drive the country.

In Wyoming. The geology is great!

We also toured Wall Drug town. Great breakfast and lots of things to do. Lots of site seeing here too.

Penny on Jackalope

Berny with new friend.

So we have proof of life family.

6/22/19 Wild Beast of the Black Hills

Crossing Missouri in South Dakota

We started day by crossing the Missouri River. Stopped for lunch at Al’s Oasis and Trading Post – we saw bison statues there.

Al’s Oasis – Buffalo statues in SD

OK and then we saw a man walking a dinosaur;m This was cool

Shortly we went into mountain time – we thought that would occur tomorrow in Rapid City area but we was wrong.

Finally got to the Minuteman RV Park to find a trading post across the street with prairie dog farm. They pose for you and there is warning signs not to get to close- they bite and have issues.

Prairie Dog Habitat

OR a close up

Blends with the scene

Another exciting day tomorrow.

6/21/19 Sunrise in South Dakota

Dakota Sunrise June 2019
South Dakota Sunrise 2019

Beautiful morning looking East. Had rain and thunderstorm as we woke up. Then a flash and a very loud BANG! Lightning hit in the park somewhere. The Internet has been weird so I think it was affected. I can live with a cool 50s at night and 70s in the daytime. We are staying an extra day so the last of the rain comes through tonight then off we go. It could take us three days to get through South Dakota.

We almost did not get off yesterday. We opened the door at the Heinen’s and the door lock broke. Talk about one more thing. The digital lock we have will be sent back and Duane saved us by getting Berny to a local RV store. Then Berny and Duane installed the lock. Yea it works – off we went. Maintenance is getting to be a daily life at times. At least it is not hot.

South Dakota Sunrise Jun 19
More sunrise

Jun 18, 2019 Once More at Winnebago

Interesting to wait at the service center with all the people. Most have diesel pushers in for service or repair. There were three smaller units besides ours. We even saw another Intent! Some had kids and they were cute and interested in the cats a lot. They were missing their pets. We have seen a lot of RVs and Berny is looking at a different one with a little more room (ours is 30 ft and he is looking at 34 to 38 ft). The bigger ones seem nicer with better furniture, washer, dryer, large refrig, convection microwave, and you can get induction cooktop as well. Comes with couch and lounge chairs so more room for others. We will see how things go in this thing first.

Weather is rain with more rain and storms forecasted. Here we go again. After Winnebago, we will head back to Sharon and Duane’s to pick up the mail (if it is there).then head for glacier park. We hope to site see on the way and stop for 2 to 3 weeks in Glacier Park.

We will be at Winnebago one more night as they have one thing to complete tomorrow but air is fixed! So back to the parkS and to make dinner and get a long shower. We decided after the Winnebago stop, to go to Mason City and shop at Walmart and Target and then go to the in-laws. My phone is worn and we are looking at new ones. We will see what is out there. Berny needs new bike pedals for his bike and I need things from the grocery store.

Jun 17, 2019 At Winnebago Again

We are in line and waiting for a call for the services. It may be tomorrow or Wednesday. Meanwhile, we thought we would play with bikes. Uncovered them and they were dirty (expected) but then one bike was missing a pedal. Our luck continues to be bad. At least it is replaceable and Berny may be able to get it in town or at next Walmart stop.

And again, there is thunderstorms and rain with a tornado watch out. More fun. We hope to only see rain and thunderstorms. At least it is cool here.

Jun 16 2019- At Heinen’s Again

Arrived yesterday at my in-laws, Sharon and Duane’s farm – they are great people to take us in for two days as we had to wait till Monday to go to Winnebago. It is nice to chat and see the kids as they stopped by again. They really made us feel at home. Had a great dinner a buffet pizza place and the pizza desert was fabulous. We hope to meet up with them in September in Missouri with other families to catch up some more.

When we arrived they had a package for us – the WIFI extender and my Texas License. Yes indeed- this is nice. Now Berny has to reinstall the extender and see if this one works. No internet at all is frustrating Especially teaching on line.

Wow – What a Crowd

The trip here was fun.

The bridge from Arrowhead and Canadian RIver

At Osage RV Park, MO. We found out there is a youth baseball playoff this weekend nearby and the campground has had a stream of RVs and kids come in. It looks like an RV show here. It has been fun as we saw a lot f different types.

Weather here is great and the park is one of the nicest we have seen so far. Lots to do in area, close to highway and a few stores. They have a pool and miniature golf too.