Winnebago Day! and More

Well, it is in being worked. We hope it will be done by the end of the day but not holding hope. The weather has cleared, of course, because we are not driving but the wind is still blowing. OK sat in the waiting room with 3 cats for the 8 hrs but it was worth it! They fixed the water tank, generator, and other things we did not even ask about. The cent cover we lost was the only thing we paid for at the store.

After we left we found dinner and started to family in Iowa. OK, I am directionally challenged at times and cannot see the small signs well. We buzzed past the turn-off but was able to get back to the right place. Then I could not find the farm! We looked up the address and was at the end of the lane when we saw the folks.

So tired and happy to stop- we will be spending a few days on the farm. Thanks, Sharon and Duane.

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