Day 6 – OK made it! Rain and Wind!

Got on the waiting list but will not get it done till tomorrow – maybe! S0, we got into a slot by service – no water but power. Ok, that did not work – no power. OK, we will start the generator. Pouring rain – Berny went out to start the generator – – it also will not start. OK, whoever got the voodoo doll please pull all the pins! SO start looking for a place with power and water (if they have it). Fond one in the area – went hoping to find a spot. That wonderful wonderful person at Three Finger Campground had one left. SO we got power and water so we could rest the night.

Not happening – the wind (over 40 mpg) and heavy rain had the RV shaking and moving to the point – I got seasick. Woke up to wind an rain as well. If the weather would cooperate – things would be better. Oh well

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