Day 4 Rain Again

Really Heavy Rain

Wake up dry, get ready to leave, it rains. Torrential and unrelenting rain. Made it through that all and finally found the campground. Site is wet and muddy but fine. One consistent problem we found is the signs. There is little to no signs to some of the places we have been. GPS is fun because the battery dies as you need it for the last turn by turn because there are no signs or little signs for the sites. We have driven past every site so far and had to turn around and find it again. Berny said we need an Indian guide to assist us as we lost most of the time in some back flooded woods. Also, he says that as soon as we are off the highway, the big lost sign appears in lights above us and people laugh.

Stopped to make dinner – cannot figure out the stove so gave up before blowing ourselves up. Got out the insta pot and had dinner. Read the book!

Oh more adventures tomorrow.

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