On the way – Finally!!!!!

It’s been a long week. Some say the hardest part going full time is clearing the house and/or storing things. I think the last week is worse, you can only do so much in a day and nothing goes right. Last minute expenses to consider:

Need more propane as its cold outside now

The reuse it or second-hand shop or other places won’t take donations now what? We called 1-800 junk who came the next day and saved us again.

This led to how we get cats to get the vet as the truck was in the shop. Dave (my brother-in-law) rescued us here and did our last minute running with us. He gets the helper of the year award from us.

Up at 330 and trying to get Bike rack up with the bikes on it. Rack went great. Bikes another issue. The bikes have baskets that get in the way but we worked the puzzle and got it. If someone steals them – they deserve it as I am not looking forward to taking them off.

So we finally get to Somerset in about 5 hours – just went slow. Got into site – and things worked. Weather is great! If everyday travel is like this- we are good.

Some say the hardest part of going RVing full time is clearing the house. We think it is the last week before you leave. Panic sets in as you see whats left and you are trying to finish other things on the RV but not enough hours in a day. Then each day feels like three has gone by and one felt like three months. The weather has not helped either.

So prepare yourself for the unexpected often. We are tired but making it. Bed early tonight if hot water works. Yea one more thing!

Shot some video and stills I can attach

RV at Hickory Run

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